The Magic of a Moment

Working in rural northern Uganda on assignment for Barclays I walk looking for a suitable bush bathroom, down a winding dirt path round a corner, suddenly I see two children standing frozen in the pathway. I wave, I smile. Nothing. They’re frozen looking at me. I start photographing them, they stand, they look. I run a few off, they stand. I stop, I say thank you feeling like i have a few images ‘in the bag’ and don’t want to take liberties. They still don’t move. So I run more off. I move around them, different angles, I stop I smile I say another thank you. They look, they blink. I carry on, quietly moving around them shooting off frames. I feel like an explorer in deepest darkest Congo….

I shoot until I’ve had my fill. I stop, beaming, beckoning them to follow me. Hesitantly they do, the girl is shivering with cold. We’re back in the clearing, the film crew are working. The moment gone but the magic not forgotten. I’m ever grateful for such unsuspected eclipses when time stands still, everything flows and the fulfillment is simple and pure.

(Bathroom Explorer with an iPhoneOnly)               

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